CCS-3000 Touchscreen Controller

For ES2000 standard product line

Controller and Panel Options

  • We can offer remote control monitoring for your biorepository storage freezer.
    We give you monitoring capabilities for your biorepository low temp freezer.
    We can install monitoring systems for your ultra low temp freezer.
    Remote monitoring capability provided via 4-20 mA DC scaled outputs. Monitoring and control are also provided via RS-485 Modbus communication protocol. These options provide access to all user selectable parameters and measured values, as well as file transfer and viewing of collected data.
  • Ramp / soak profile capability through drop down menus. Up to 99 steps with cycle repeats are available to provide a virtually unlimited number of profile steps and unlimited number of profiles (programs). Setup of each profile requires desired setpoints, event output state, ramp / soak times, and number of cycles. Help menus provide assistance as needed. Multiple profiles can be named and stored on the internal memory card for future use. The profiles can also be configured to start at a specific time and day of month.
  • Multi-point monitoring capability. Up to 6 temperature inputs may be monitored, with each input featuring dedicated display and trending. Historical trending is available with the paperless recording option activated at the factory.
  • Circular chart recorders and paperless recorders. Circular chart sizes of 10” or 12”, and ink or thermal transfer. Paperless recorders of various sizes and multiple points.
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems. Backup power is provided to controls and instrumentation for 20 minutes up to 3 hours.