Walk-In Chamber Projects

Please feel free to browse the pictures of some of the projects we've completed.

We can install your biorepository freezer.

Custom designed AHU with steam injection

We can service your biorepsitory low temp freezer.

Desiccant drier and condensing unit rack

We can service your biorepository storage freezer.

Desiccant drier skid for large dry room

We sell freezer vault products.

Gas air mixture chamber for pollution studies

We offer ultra cold freezer installation.

Laminar upflow room for appliance testing

We offer ultra low temp freezer preventive maintenance.

Large warehouse chamber for bulk product storage

We custom design walk-in environmental chamber solutions.

Plant growth chamber with laminar air walls

We engineer answers for biorepository freezer deliver and installation.

Redundant low temp compressor skids

We deliver ultra cold freezer service and product.

Refrigeration rack system for multiple chambers

We deliver customer satisfaction on all walk-in environmental chamber services.

Ultra low temp scroll compressor rack