Reach-In Chamber Projects

Please feel free to browse the pictures of some of the projects we've completed.

We do product inspection of any ultra cold freezer.

Back wall lighting system for product inspection

We have experience in labs with a biorepository low temp freezer.

Custom 4 bank light chamber for specialized insect studies

We can upgrade parts for your ultra low temp freezer..jpg

Custom back wall light fixture for product inspection

We can create a custom chamber on your biorepository freezer.

Custom chamber with pass thru rear doors

We service any and all makes of freezer vault.

Custom control panel for 4 bank light system

We are your go-to technicians for any ultra low temp freezer maintenance need.

Custom designed cascading water fill system for concrete testing

We work in highly specialized environments using an ultra cold freezer.

Custom designed rapid cycling chamber for electronics testing

We will fix your ultra low temp freezer.

Custom stainless steel cleanroom chamber

We work for universities conducing research using a biorepository low temp freezer.

Desiccant free drier system for ultra dry or frost free chambers

We will maintain your biorepository storage freezer.

Special request options of additional monitoring sensors and recorders

We sell parts for your ultra low temp freezer.

Ventilator for chamber installed in cleanroom pass thru rear door