Our History

Bahnson Environmental Specialties (BES) was founded as a partnership in 1972. We have an established, proven track record with large multi-room projects with uniform temperature and/or humidity requirements. BES is now the largest supplier of multi-room walk-in stability chambers to pharmaceutical clients. Our steady growth in the domestic market has been due mainly to an increased marketing effort, product quality and by offering a turnkey project approach.

We have the financial strength, manufacturing capacity, insurance and Class A bonding capability to handle multiple projects during the same time period. We have grown steadily showing balanced growth with sales volumes over the past four years ranging from $19 to $24 million per year in walk-ins, standard products and validation/service contracts. This stability and growth has been an important consideration for manufacturing or research institutions purchasing our product.

In order to assure that BES has the resources and stability necessary to support future growth, we, through acquisition, joined forces with an international company that shares the same desire to offer high quality products and services in the pharmaceutical sector. On June 30, 2001, Bahnson Holdings, Inc. became the exclusive owner of Environmental Specialties. Our Raleigh, NC office has become the pharma business center for Bahnson USA, Inc.

In February, 2011, EMCOR Group, Inc. acquired Bahnson Holdings, Inc. to further strengthen their government, industrial and power sectors.