Control Panel with CCS-4000 Touchscreen Controller

For ES2000 standard product line

Controller and Panel Options

The CCS-4000 touchscreen controller system was developed with environmental chambers in mind. Providing the ultimate in modern technology, the system provides intuitive control screens and menus, easily programmed process alarms, and highly configurable circuit switching.

Specific features include:

  • RIscreen2.jpgControl module design which is dedicated microprocessor based I/O hardware with programmed logic running on Windows CE® platform. The control logic program is stored on a non-volatile, high capacity memory card. All control parameter settings, alarms and set points are maintained during power failure, and restart is automatic upon power restoration.
  • Backlit, alphanumeric 1 GHz TFD LCD 256 color (800 x 600 pixels) touchscreen Operator access to all system parameters through intuitive, Windows® style drop down menus or modern icon based “smart device” finger navigation. The 7" display is compatible with various room lighting conditions. Menu selections and on-screen instructions with on screen help are of sufficient detail to allow for typical day-to-day use without reference manuals.
  • Conformance to the FDA 21 CFR 11 requirements for data recording, audit trails of controller settings modification, alarm history logs, operator event logs and secure file transfers. Operating data is encrypted and stored in user defined time length log files, and can be viewed on the touchscreen, or remotely by PC. Password protection provides multiple levels of user access and defined rights. Password aging and re-authentication for process changes are also provided per 21 CFR 11.
  • Independent, adjustable high and low limit alarm set points for temperature and humidity. Automatic alarms disable specific controlled devices (heaters, blowers, steam generators, etc), and trigger backup mechanical conditioning system operation (with redundancy option). Operators are notified of alarms through a front screen flashing alarm icon, the activation of an audible alarm, the switching of a remote alarm contact set, and the creation of an alarm log with time, date, and type of alarm.
  • And more…

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