Clean Cold-Warm Rooms (FAS)

fas_img2.jpgDesigned for the cold and warm extremes typically found in today’s bio-pharmaceutical operations, our HEPA-filtered FAS Series can maintain temperatures from -20C to +40C.

The chambers offer close tolerance temperature and humidity uniformity, as well as an assurance of a certified cleanroom environment with minimum airborne particulates and microorganisms.

The result is consistently optimum cleamroom environments with precise control capabilities.


  • Clean filling operations
  • Sterility plate studies
  • Cell and tissue culture
  • Fermentation
  • Media preparation
  • Packaging under controlled temperature, humidity and clean room conditions
  • General incubation and growth
  • Vaccine production

Standard Features

  • Clean room design standards from Class 100 to 100,000 available.
  • Modular metal skinned panels with urethane insulated tongue and groove construction for chamber enclosure. All interior panel surfaces are a smooth nonshedding painted aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel (recommended).
  • "Cam-locking" clean room panel seams sealed with FDA approved sealants for a smooth cleanable surface.
  • Internal stainless ceiling plenum housing mounted above lay-in tiles.
  • Totally accessible hinged drain pan for maintenance and cleaning of all interior plenum components.
  • PSC fan motors for energy efficiency. All fan motors rated for operating temperatures of chamber. Motors are remoted from chamber interior where application exceeds rating.
  • Automatic defrosting with refrigerant hot gas and/or electric heat for quick and efficient operation.
  • Uniform horizontal and vertical air distribution through ducted terminal lay-in HEPA filters in aluminum housings or complete pressurized plenum ceiling. Support achieved with anodized aluminum T-bar drop ceiling network. All solid "filler" clean room tiles constructed of nonshedding acoustical material.
  • Perforated metal diffuser grills to protect terminal filter media.
  • Terminal filters provided with adjustable air flow damper and static pressure port.
  • Stainless false wall air returns at floor level are provided for ceiling plenums or air handlers. Returns feature gross mesh or pleatedfilters within "ledge" free channels.
  • Sealed utility and sprinkler access penetrations.
  • Semi-hermetic continually operating compressors for extended equipment life and maximum chamber temperature control and uniformity.
  • Fully accessible control panel to efficiently and securely house all controls, alarms, and recording devices. "Ledge" free designs available.
  • Touchscreen system control of chamber parameters.
  • Fluorescent clean room style lay-in troffers or tear drop fixtures for chamber illumination.
  • Factory leak testing of all refrigeration assemblies prior to shipment.
  • Bench testing of complete control panel and electrical devices performed prior to shipment.
  • Applicable ISO listing 9001:2000 applies.

Structural / Electrical Options

  • Magnehelic / photohelics provided for monitoring prefilter and HEPA pressure drop.
  • Lowered classification zones within chamber for critical operations.
  • Prefilter and HEPA loading alarms.
  • Stainless wall, ceiling and floor finishes.
  • Electrical wiring to NEC standards for Cl I Division I or II environments.
  • Product security through dead bolts keyed to building. All security locking mechanisms are furnished with internal emergency relief.
  • Flush thermopane view window in door or wall panels.
  • Access ports and clean room pass throughs.
  • Recessed duplex outlets within chamber walls.
  • Seamless floor covering over complete chamber area with coving.
  • Exterior/ interior door ramps.
  • Pressurized anteroom or air showers for personnel entry.
  • Emergency personnel lighting for chamber exit.
  • Chamber airflow and pressure alarms (high and low).
  • Emergency lighting systems.
  • RS 232 / 485 or 4-20 mA comms available.

Mechanical Options

  • Exhaust fans with stainless steel HEPA filtered air intake and housing.
  • Base level dehumidification with a proportional reheat package.
  • Extended range dehumidification by ES developed and field proven proportional air volume regenerative desiccant drier. This design allows close tolerance control and extended life of drier components.
  • Humidification by independent passivated stainless steel steam generator designed for pure supply water.
  • Air returns designed to be integrated into the insulated room wall panels.
  • Copper or phenolic coated evaporator fin construction for protection in corrosive environments.
  • Point of use water purification systems for steam generator supply water.
  • Complete 100% redundant backup refrigeration systems with automatic switchover.
  • Remote air handler can be provided to remove all mechanical components from above the suspended clean room tiles and eliminate the disturbance of the ceiling area and room.
  • Available designs for temperature uniformity throughout entire chamber to ± 0.5°C.
  • Available designs for humidity uniformity throughout entire chamber to ± 3 %RH.
  • Conditioning packages designed to use host building chilled water systems for chamber cooling.
  • Non-refrigerated cooling using building ventilation available for certain special applications.