Standard Reach-In

es2000_reach_in_series_brochure.jpgThe ES2000 reach-in stability chambers is provided in four standard sizes, ranging from 12 to 144 cubic feet, each offering a wide variety of temperature, humidity, and light (photostability) capabilities.

Our typical reach-in chamber uses include ICH stability, shelf life studies, photostability (ICH Q1B Option 1 and 2), incubators, plant growth, tissue culture storage, freeze-thaw, blast freezing, and other product testing and/or stability storage.

Chambers can also be designed to meet classified storage requirements (Class 1 Div 2), HEPA filtered cleanroom standards (Class 100-10,000), cycling/stress test requirements, or other special design requirements on request.

BES offers a range of environmental test and stability chambers designed for high demand testing, processing, conditioning, or growth applications.

The ES2000 product line includes six standard models. Standard temperature capabilities range from 2° C to 70° C, with controlled humidification, lighting and CO2 available.


  • User friendly touchscreen control system provides process control, process alarms and circuit switching.
  • High performance electronic and mechanical systems capable of accelerated heating, cooling and recovery rates.
  • Industrial grade cabinet construction for continuous use in research, process or storage.
  • Heavy-duty refrigeration system featuring reserve heat removal capacity for quick response to door openings, internal heat loads or unstable ambient conditions.
  • Modular subcomponent design offering upgrade and exchange capability for refrigeration, humidification, recording/monitoring and other functions.

Repair Service

reachin2.jpgWe have factory direct or authorized services for our complete product line. A 24-hour emergency number is available for assistance. We stock many replacement parts to assure you minimal down time.

Validation Services

We can provide complete performance qualifications on our and competitive chambers. Our staff writes your IQ, OQ, and PQ Protocols and trained technicians perform field tests and validation qualification tests.

Calibrations and test equipment used during qualifications are NIST traceable and are provided as part of your validation services.

Comprehensive reports are written to summarize your data for quick reference by your company and for regulatory agencies.

Please contact a member of our sales department for more details on how we can accommodate your testing needs.

Chamber Warranty

A 13-month warranty on parts and labor is included with all ES2000 stability chambers. An optional five-year compressor warranty is also available.