Ultra-Low Freezers and Biorepository Freezers


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For the growing demand for ultra low temperature storage, BES manufactures the Low Temp (LT) chamber series.  This product series includes the Low Temp Chest (LTC), Low Temp Upright (LTU), and the popular Low Temp Walk-in (LTW).

The products provide from approximately 80 cubic feet to over 1000 cubic feet of ultra low -70 to -80 C freezer storage area, and are typically used to support biorepository needs for ultra cold temp storage freezer vaults or cold storage vaults.

All products are custom designed to specific size, temperature, and electrical control specifications.  Typical storage includes small vials, plates, bulk drums, and canisters of various biological samples and vaccine product.

Maximum capacity, multi-temperature and storage flexibility and product protection are essential design elements available in the most unique cascade freezers on the market today. We offer a new solution to the antiquated ‘freezer farm’ approach which uses individual freezers with single, common refrigeration systems to store large volumes of product. Finally, a solution better than "just adding one more freezer".

Low Temp Upright (LTU) Ultra Low Freezers

Multiple reach-in -75º C / -103º F upright freezers designed to share a central cascade system. Volumes typically to 80 cubic feet. Ideal for small to medium product loads similar to those listed for the LTC line. Upright design offers front door loading and a reduced footprint.

Low Temp Chest (LTC) Ultra Low Freezers

Multiple reach-in -75º C / -103º F chest freezers designed to share a central cascade system. Volumes typically to 80 cubic feet. Ideal for small vials, plates, pharmaceutical archival storage, long term product banking and argon blanketed product storage. Chest design offers frequent door openings with minimal temperature disturbance.

Low Temp Walk-In (LTW) Ultra Low Freezers

Multi-door or truck-in -75º C / -103º F vaults designed to share a central cascade refrigeration system. Vaults are located within -20º C or 4º C storage spaces. Ideal for large product containers, bulk drums and canisters. Chamber within a chamber design offers multi-temperature storage for a wide variety of products.

(All Models) Custom designed horizontal or vertical storage systems allow quick and easy access to various product types