Walk-In Freezers

BES_LTW_SvceSheet_110427.jpgMaximum capacity, multi-temperature and storage flexibility and product protection are essential design elements available in the most unique cascade ultra-low walk in freezers on the market today.

We offer a new solution to the antiquated ‘freezer farm’ approach which uses individual ultra-low walk in freezers with single, common refrigeration systems to store large volumes of product.

Our multi-door or truck-in -75º C / -103º F vaults designed to share a central cascade refrigeration system. Vaults are located within -20º C or 4º C storage spaces.

Ideal for biorepository applications, large product containers, bulk drums and canisters. Chamber within a chamber design offers multi-temperature storage for a wide variety of products.

Mechanical System

  • Mechanical refrigeration ‘skids’ serves multiple freezer vaults inside walk-ins or multiple upright reach-in / chest style freezers.
  • Refrigeration skids are designed to be compact, yet offer generous service spacing. Strategic thermocouple locations (and display panel) allow for temperature readings important for servicing.
  • Copeland scroll compressors offers a multitude of advantages over reciprocating compressors: lower energy usage (high COP), fewer moving parts, fewer wear and stress points, lower noise, lower vibration, physically smaller and higher coefficients of performance. The scroll systems use non-CFC refrigerants.
  • Super-high efficiency oil separators remove 99.9% of circulating oil; oil removal is essential for trouble-free compressor operation.
  • Thermostatic expansion valves allow precise metering of refrigerant.
  • Dual, identical mechanical systems alternate regularly for even wear and automatically switch systems based on detected system fault. Product protection is essentially guaranteed with redundancy.

Electrical / Control System

  • A grey enamel or optional NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure contains all branch power, switching and control circuits. This panel serves multiple freezers from a single central control location.
  • The front features a heavy-duty insert section with Lexan door and key lock. The controls, recorder (if purchased) and non-fade labeling can withstand light spray down.
  • The panel is third party listed to UL standards. NEC code is strictly followed for internal and external panel wiring.
  • Temperature is controlled by a high accuracy, digital PID controller. This type of controller allows for close temperature control through proportional-integral-derivative algorithms (not on-off control).
  • Alarm settings, solenoid actions, system auto-switching, mechanical enabling and other various parameters are controlled through the proprietary CCS touchscreen control system.
  • Alarms are indicated by LCD screen and other highly visible panel-mounted indicators; audible alarms are also standard. Dry contact outputs are standard for temperature alarm limits and may be provided, by request, for other indications.

Special Options

  • (All models) Custom designed horizontal or vertical storage systems allow quick and easy access to various product types.
  • (LTW line) A dry air purge option can be provided for dewpoint depression and frost minimization. This can be provided with a dewpoint monitor for constant readout of dry air moisture level.
  • (LTW line) An LN2 option provides backup cooling in the event of mechanical system power failure. This is a popular option that provides liquid nitrogen cooling to bare tube coils; the injection valve and controls operate from a battery back-up unit.
  • (All models) Inner doors may be provided on all chamber designs. This allows lid or door opening without air disturbance of the entire chamber volume. Size and number is specified by customer, and based on loading/unloading requirements.