Bahnson Environmental Specialties in now Environmental Specialties, LLC.

About Us

Experienced Environmental Stability Chamber Experts

ES building_use.jpgBahnson Environmental Specialties (BES) designs and manufactures a diverse product line of controlled walk-in and reach-in environmental chambers suited for an array of applications across multiple industries.

With well over 100 years of combined experience in the environmental room market, our engineering team designs the most reliable, stable, and redundant solutions available today. As such, each BES chamber is meticulously designed to satisfy even the most stringent field-performance tests.

Proven Pharmaceutical, Biorepository, and Medical Laboratory Stability Room Experience

In the pharmaceutical market, we have become a recognized leader in stability room design and construction by focusing on meeting and exceeding the ranges and uniformities set by the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH). We also supply universities, medical schools, museums, and industrial customers with rooms requiring uniformly dependable temperature and humidity conditions for manufacturing, storage, and testing applications.

Delivering superior quality, exceptional workmanship, and end-to-end services designed for maximum performance and reliability, BES is the country’s most versatile and respected providers of environmental rooms.

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