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Ultra-Low Temp Suites for Biorepository Applications

LTW_350x200.jpgOur popular Low Temp Walk-In Suite (LTW) utilizes an innovative chamber-within-a-chamber design to support the stringent biorepository and pharmaceutical requirements for ultra-cold temperature storage freezer vaults. It offers a more energy efficient alternative to the traditional “freezer farm” approach, while still delivering maximum capacity, multi-temperature storage flexibility, and frost-free product protection.

Solutions for Biorepository Freezer Challenges

Each suite can be custom designed to your explicit size, temperature, and electrical-controls specifications, or you may adapt your operation to utilize one of our standard layouts. Commonly, the LTW utilizes multi-door vaults that are capable of temperature setpoints of -60, -70, -75, or -80°C, located within -20 to -40ºC freezer corridors, that are designed to share a central cascade refrigeration system.

This suite is ideal for biopharma production and biorepository applications. With flexibility of chamber depth and door dimensions, a variety of product storage containers can be utilized, including bottles, plates, small vials, bulk drums, and canisters. Built to include shelving or to allow full carts to be rolled into place, the LTW offers multi-temperature storage for a wide variety of products, including samples of drugs and various biological products.

LTW Suites vs ULT Freezer Quantities

Depending on the size of your existing freezer farm, how much space would you save with one of the following standard layouts?

40-50 Freezers 
50-65 Freezers 
60-80 Freezers 

Bulk Storage for Biopharma

IMG_0189_350x263.jpgTo maximize the utilization of your valuable floor space for bulk storage applications, the LTW can be constructed as open walk-in space, rather than multi-door vaults, achieving temperature setpoints as low as -80°C. Entry is made thru a small unconditioned vestibule into an anteroom conditioned to -20°C. This solution provides the highest storage density and fastest recovery time possible while maintaining the frost-free performance our LTW is known for.

No Power, No Problem

Knowing that the products stored in LTW Suites are extremely valuable, if not irreplaceable, all critical systems are fully redundant.  Each Ultra-Low Temp Freezer compartment, as well as the personnel corridor(s), has duplicate refrigeration systems for full redundancy with automatic periodic switchover to exercise each system to help ensure proper function.  We don’t stop there.  Additionally, in the event of full power loss at your facility, the LTW Suite includes the unique option of refrigeration from a parallel LN2 system powered with a UPS.  Finally, loss of power does not mean loss of product.

The Original and STILL the Best

004_350x263.jpgOur LTW concept was first constructed in 1999 and that original freezer is still in use. The extremely high value of products stored in these freezers demands specialized expertise in design, installation, and maintenance of these freezers. BES’ team is uniquely qualified to excel in all three facets, delivering a world-class product backed by professional experts for worry-free performance year after year.

As the following table illustrates, not all Ultra-Low Temp Walk-in systems are created equal.  Protect your high-value products with the proven technology and experience of Bahnson Environmental Specialties.

BES vs Competition table_600px_221205.jpg

A More Efficient Approach to Ultra-Low Temp Freezers

Ultra-Low Temp Suites_chart_600.png

Our Ultra-Low Temp Walk-In suite offers a significantly lower chamber count and as much as a 33 percent reduction in building space consumption when compared to a "freezer farm."

Saving hundreds of thousands of both kWh and pounds of CO2 emitted annually, the BES solution can offer a 75 percent reduction in total energy consumption.

The result is an economical, space-saving product line that combines maximum capacity, multi-temperature uniformity with energy efficiency and cost savings.

Bahnson Environmental Specialties’ low temperature freezers give you high-performance operation, significant cost savings, and greater dependability than ever before. Contact us to learn more.