Bahnson Environmental Specialties in now Environmental Specialties, LLC.

Dry Rooms

Bahnson Environmental Specialties (BES) engineers dry rooms with an obsessive level of chamber design, construction, performance, and reliability. Often designed and constructed to support applications—such as battery, medical device, and electronics manufacturing, as well as drug storage—dry rooms maintain temperatures from +20°C to +40°C.

BES dry rooms also help you achieve and maintain RH levels as low as < 1%, with ZERO dust particles and contaminants.

BES dry rooms offer:

  • Superior air flow
  • Ability to achieve and maintain less than 1% RH
  • ZERO dust particles—and other contaminants
  • Air-tight, leak-proof system
  • True volumetric uniformity throughout the chamber
  • Custom-design for your specific application
  • Fail-safe refrigeration and climate control