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Cold Storage Upright Chambers

Capable of maintaining precise temperature-uniformity, our cold storage chambers deliver exceptional performance for applications where humidity control is not needed.

This series of upright chambers can achieve temperature set-points as low as -30°C and is available in an extensive variety of sizes.

Our cold storage chambers deliver strong volumetric (horizontal + vertical) uniformity of temperature, in order to help guarantee that each unit stored in the chamber is kept at the same exact temperature.

To reduce the impact that frost build-up can have on the everyday use of these chambers, each cold storage unit is equipped with an automatic defrost cycle. Furthermore, with the addition of an optional dehumidification system, the chamber can be frost free!

Our cold storage units are ideal for:

  • Storage of bulk raw-material and finished product
  • Depressed temperature stability and shelf life studies
  • Chromatography and analytical separations
  • Media, chemical, and reagent holding


Customized for a Variety of Cold Storage Solutions

Reflecting our decades of service to markets with a vast array of application needs, our Reach-In Chambers can be equipped with many options and variations including the following:

  • CO2
  • Explosion Safe
  • Low RH
  • Frost-Free
  • 4-Bank lighting for Photostability
  • Back wall lighting for product inspection
  • Cascading water fill system for concrete testing
  • Rapid cycling for electronics testing

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