Bahnson Environmental Specialties in now Environmental Specialties, LLC.

Maintenance and Calibration

Bahnson Environmental Specialties (BES) provides a complete array of service, maintenance, and validation offerings designed to help maintain and enhance the operation of our chambers as well as chambers, freezers, and laboratory equipment manufactured by other companies.

Bahnson Environmental Specialties (BES) provides accurate, in-depth preventive maintenance and calibration programs for virtually every major brand of environmental chamber and laboratory equipment.

Our programs are designed to meet rigorous industry standards and best practices, while remaining flexible enough to meet the unique needs of your equipment, schedule, and budget.

The Highest Standard of Environmental Chamber and Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

At BES, we utilize the most advanced tools—including National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable instrumentation—to help ensure that your equipment always meets or exceeds current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification standards in accordance with FDA and ICH guidelines.

And, because we are one the nation’s leading manufacturers of environmental chambers, you can be confident that we have the specialty knowledge and industry expertise needed to keep your precise equipment functioning optimally.

Spare Parts Inventory

Our factory keeps a wide variety of spare parts in stock for maintenance and emergency needs to help minimize delays to repairs and eliminate downtime. If a spare part isn’t available, we’ll work with you to find suitable replacement part or a recommended retrofit to resolve the issue.

Additionally, our staff can tailor a list of spare parts critical to your equipment for you to keep stocked on-site, further mitigating downtime.

Emergency Support

At BES, we understand the critical nature of your equipment, which is why we provide emergency service. With service centers across the nation, we can respond rapidly to all your needs, typically getting one of our qualified technicians to your site within hours.

If you need technical support, call us at 800-688-5859 x 6080.