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Stability Chambers

Reach-in stability chambers are temperature- and humidity-controlled environmental units that provide stable conditions for storage and testing purposes.

Our reach-in stability chambers are capable of maintaining precise levels of temperature and humidity uniformity. 

Temperature and Humidity Stability Chamber Experts

RI Stability.jpgBringing a wealth of field-tested knowledge, the BES team can design these chambers for tasks such as shelf life evaluation, shelf life determination, and shelf life testing.

We can also design stability chambers that are suitable for biomedical storage, stability research, drug research, and overall stability testing.

As with our walk-in models, our reach-in stability chambers deliver outstanding performance and are designed to meet the guidelines set forth by the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH).  

Our stability chambers can be used for: 

  • Long term stability studies
  • Accelerated stability studies
  • Freeze / thaw and thermal cycling
  • Extended range testing
  • Packaging Studies

Special Chamber Options

Reflecting our decades of service to markets with a vast array of application needs, our Reach-In Chambers can be equipped with many options and variations including the following:

  • CO2
  • Low RH
  • 4-Bank lighting for Photostability
  • Cascading water fill system for concrete testing
  • Rapid cycling for electronics testing
  • Explosion Safe
  • Frost-Free
  • Back wall lighting for product inspection