Bahnson Environmental Specialties in now Environmental Specialties, LLC.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Whether adapting to new technology, meeting changing design needs, or addressing shifting performance requirements, Bahnson Environmental Specialties is ready to assist with all your upgrade and retrofit needs.

Keeping Temperature and Humidity Stability Chambers Ready for Every Challenge

When properly maintained, our equipment is designed to provide clients with many years of high-quality service and precise function. However, no matter the manufacturing quality, all equipment requires an occasional upgrade and retrofit, in order to adapt to changing needs.

Our engineers and service professionals are ready to help you evaluate your existing equipment and consider your upgrade and retrofit options. They provide expert consultation on the industry’s latest technological advances and design trends, helping you balance potential boosts to your performance with budget parameters.

As with all our services, we have the capability to assist with upgrades and retrofits on a variety of equipment and systems, manufactured by BES or our competitors.

Is it time for your next upgrade or retrofit? Contact BES today for help.