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Archival Storage Rooms

Archival storage rooms are used to store items that require unique environmental conditions, such as: books, posters, maps, charts, architectural records, still and motion pictures, negatives, x-rays, microfilm, slides, tapes, disks, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, metallic items, bones, fabrics, and more.

Due to the significant value and irreplaceable nature of the items being stored, unique environmental conditions are required—a skill and responsibility that shouldn’t be undertaken by a company designing the HVAC system for the complete building.

At BES, we understand that each historical artifact or record is special and often requires a specialized environment to avoid degradation over time. In many situations, in fact, multiple environments must be created to house various individual items.

With a rich history of designing and building archival storage facilities for organizations like the Smithsonian, Getty Center, Harvard, and multiple Presidential Libraries, you can be sure that we’ll build a storage environment for you that delivers tight temperature and RH control as well as air handling for clean room environments.

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